Light Messenger: Communication via Light

As we might live apart with our closed friends due to some reality resons which could be studying aboard, business travel, so on. To compensate for the missed contact with a certain relationship, I created Light Messenger, an IoT kit for a couple of friends having bi-directional communication with colors. With it, you can select light different color by rotation; send your current selected light color by a single-tap; or review the light color(s) the other sends by a double-tap.


Featured Areas of Expertise

  • Technology and Realization (TR)
  • Creativity and Aesthetics (CA)

Extra Note

This is a give away for a left professor, Saskia Bakker from the TU Eindhoven. Although I redesigned completely the software layer, its physical form was heavily built upon her Ph.D. prototope, Fireflies. Besides, you could find my Wizard of Oz for the initial demo on her Goodbye party.