Eclipse: Coupling Functionality and Aesthetics

There are various ways of turning on lights via a switch. In some cases switches are not visiable (for example when it is under a dark circumstance), or the switching mechanism might not be coupled seamlessly. In this design project, I explored how to couple aesthethics of interaction with functionality. Thus, the concept Eclipse is ideated and developed. It is simply designed by leaving a gap between the light emmiting part and stand part. The gap allows light escaping out from the body itself, which intuitively tells users where the lamp is and also creates an unique light trail drawing in the space.



How to apply technologies to create the interaction that seamlessly merges into new product design and eventually to meet users‘ needs.


The purposed solution consists of two parts, interaction design (functionality) and product design (aesthetics). My objective is to seamlessly couple these two parts to meet bring new interaction experiences to users.

Mindset of design

Validation Process

Validation Process

Featured Areas of Expertise

  • Technology and Realization (TR)
  • Creativity and Aesthetics (CA)

Personal Contribution

(N/A) This is an individual research project.