I am independent, proactive, and able to play different roles within projects. I have a deep affinity with applying state-of-the-art technologies in designing interactive products, systems. I very much appreciate Peripheral Interaction (allowing effortless interaction) and Radical Atoms (seamlessly coupling the physical and digital world). I possess the skill sets from my bachelor’s of Product Design and master‘s of Interaction Design. With mixed skill sets, I am able to ideate, develop, evaluate designs with aesthetics and values.

As a strong believer of ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’, I believe skills, toolkits, and knowledge shall be as accessible as possible. I consider myself, to some extent, a technology enthusiast as I am always open-sourcing collaborative and personal projects to develop myself and benefit others in the community; On the other hand, I think I am also a researcher as I always conduct an exhaustive investigation of design precedents and constructive literature to build a holistic view of the field. This, therefore, characterizes my personality in design: rational and practical. I tend to develop incremental designs rather than radical ones, which is significantly inspired by Oki Sato’s design philosophy: the consolidation of two irrelevant designs; Besides, I also strive for intriguing and innovative concepts while implementing novel Human-Computer Interaction techniques to add new features or enrich the experience through usability, interactions, or aesthetic qualities.

My main interests lie in the domain of designing tangible interactions as opposed to digital ones due to my background in product design. I believe that experiences provide constructive and intuitive insights for concept development. As a result, I tend to leverage my hands-on skills to build tangibly experienceable prototypes in an increasing level of fidelity, where my expertise lies in; On the contrary, my weakness lies more in the user study, particularly in objectively measuring the user experience and abstracting their actual demands. However, I do appreciate the value of Quick and Dirty prototyping and Wizard of Oz, as it allows me to evaluate early-stage prototypes. Thus, experiences and insights can be rapidly obtained and integrated into future iterations, preventing the situation where I have to doom a prototype that I have invested in massive time.

Lastly, as a Marathon and habitual daily runner, I have a high level of self-discipline and perseverance, which applies to my attitude on working as well. I rather pursue quality over quantity, and therefore I am prone to think comprehensively before doing; I would not stop working until I tackle the problem as I always believe if there’s a will there’s a way.